Hershey’s (group 3) Example -1 Facebook for Brand Promotions

Hershey’s Facebook page is very vibrant, lot of images not only of products but of members, images of dishes that fans have made and posted.

This page has questions, images, product photos.

A contest called ‘Camp Bondfire’, is organized and top members are acknowledged by their photos being posted on the wall, note- they are not announcing winner , etc. which is against the FB guidelines.

They even post charts on some polls taken ,so they just do not take polls, they give the results also in charts form for every one to see.

It offers ideas to fans how to celebrate their special occasions’

They have also made some “House Rules”- a set of guidelines for Hershey’s Facebook Page on the Comments that Fans post , and in a way asserts its right to take control of violations, trifles and defamatory comments, posts ,etc.

So the Company knows what it is doing – promoting its brand in the most optimum manner on Facebook Page.


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