The Open Graph is simply perfect for Lyst (high-end social shopping platform)

Chris Morton, CEO and founder of Lyst, told that the company’s new app lets users add their latest fashion finds directly to their timeline as well as browse their entire Lyst anthology, comment on it and share it with others. “It is a great way to start a conversation around style or share a wish list with your friends,” says Morton.

With the Lyst app, Facebook users have the ideal tool for starting conversations about fashion—pieces they own, want or want to know what their friends think. In addition to sharing on a user’s timeline, the app also allows friends to comment on the users actions, which appear every time the user adds a pick on Lyst. In addition, the Lyst app publishes users actions in Facebook ticker.
“We wanted to give people an easy way to connect around Lyst and discover new fashion with their friends,” says Morton. “Our widget is a great way for users to show off their fashion taste and be able to share and engage with their friends on Facebook.”
Morton says that Lyst will continue to improve the Lyst app to make sure that is does the best job of showcasing user’s style and fostering engagement between users. This commitment to adjusting the technology when necessary is critical, as the Facebook Open Graph is very new, and all companies will have to make adjustments based on user behaviours.

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