Pepsi I-phone app “before you score” – Online Reputation Management

Date : 22nd October 2009  (

  • The energy drink AMP and its parent company PepsiCo came under fire for launching an iPhone application called “Before You Score.”
  • The premise was essentially to help AMP’s target audience – adolescent and young men – “score” with members of the opposite sex, and then share their exploits on Twitter and Facebook.
  • The app came under heavy criticism, and the company quickly apologized to those that were offended.
  • But now, Pepsi has gone a step further and pulled “Before You Score” from the app store.

Some of the responses the social media world gave

  • The Huffington Post highlights a tweet from Raven Zachary calling Pepsi out:

    Dear Pepsico, your iPhone app, AMP UP Before You Score, is offensive and is a great new case study for branded apps gone wrong.

  • Adam Ostrow at Mashable points out that:

    guy-centric marketing is nothing new for AMP, who often promotes itself through male dominated extreme sports (formerly, it was known as Mountain Dew AMP). The ads are also somewhat reminiscent of AXE, who insinuates in much of their advertising that its products will help you with members of the opposite sex.

Well this example shows that though having an app to promote your brand is wonderful and can result in reach to your consumers, but do think on the content of the app or what and how the app promotes your brands.

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