TACO BELL – Online Reputation Management

Please watch the following video for the effect bad publicity can have on your brand when you don`t do damage control and monitor your online reputation properly…

  • Taco Bell went through the ordeal when it`s brand got 15 minutes of fame on YouTube, but for the wrong reason.
  • Just minutes after the above  video was uploaded on YouTube , duplicates and new versions started to spread across the web and till this date, these videos have been viewed approximately 2 million times.
  • As a result, customers raised concerns about its cleanliness and Taco bell’s stock price and 7,000 franchisees sales were affected.

This shows that it is the responsibility of a brand to monitor its social media presence and maintain its reputation.
Taco Bell took its time to render an apology of any kind and it affected not only its sales in various franchisees but also hurt its reputation badly.

It is difficult to regain your customer`s trust once you have lost it or dented it.


  1. You are absolutely right there is & should always be a responsibility on what you do on Social Media, if things go in the wrong make sure it is identified & there is a quick solution to it.

  2. @nitin : true… it is called online reputation management for a reason, it should be monitored at all times…there are software available for doing it.

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