Coke’s Feel Good ad Goes Viral on Youtube ((Branding on You Tube : Ex # 2 Group # 1)

When we talk about branding and we don’t discuss about Coke, the content is not considered to be complete. Here, we’d talk about a campaign prepared by a production company Landia. If it’s just a television commercial we’re talking about then what’s so special about it? Well, this is just a week old commercial that went viral on Youtube with over 4 million views in just a week of its release.  Interesting about the commercial is, the commercial was uploaded on Youtube from some random account and channel that didn’t have any attractive background image or any other product promotion or any other branding activity. But what makes it interesting that It didn’t have any presence on any of the other Coke social media platform.

Coke masters in touching lives and highlighting emotions those we come across our day to day life but we simply ignore it due to its simplicity. Coke has the edge over others as far as  Glocalization is concerned but the case here is little bit different. Coke, in this particular commercial, touches the right note with every single message. It has nothing to do with any local strategy but hits a common note. “Look the world differently”.  With this commercial, Coke sticks with its “no celebrity” rule but the important is here, Coke is not directly involved in making this video viral. It has gone through some other random channel on Youtube and it was capable enough to make it viral. Till date, the commercial has not been added on Coke’s official Youtube channel.

Here, Coke once again finding the nerves of viewer and know what can become viral. Looking at various comments on Youtube, majority of the viewers found that the video is something about social message or spreading the message that the world  is not that bad as it looks like but turns out to a commercial to make money.

However, speculations are some of the people are actually asking about how much real this commercial is. In an update to this aspect, Guido Rosales Latin America Integrated Marketing Communication Director for Coca-Cola says: “In many of the vignettes, we were able to buy the usage rights for the original footage–so yes, much of the footage is real. The others are recreations of real scenes. All demonstrate the reality of good people acting in the world.”

He adds: “Coca-Cola inspires people to make something extraordinary happen. The ‘Security Cameras’ spot is a continuation of our ongoing mission to spread happiness and optimism, giving a brand point of view about the world’s actual situation. This spot builds upon previous campaigns of ours that portray how good people outnumber bad people, delivering the message that we have reasons to believe in a better world. Because good people outnumber bad people. It’s the natural bridge for what’s yet to come from Coca-Cola Latin America, so stay tuned.”


Milan Vaidya

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  1. A brilliant ad from Coke, which would make people go buy & drink one. Also, this is the sort of content that people love sharing.

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