Satyamev Jayte – Star Plus (Branding on You Tube : Ex # 1 Group # 1)

Topic : Youtube for branding

Branding on Youtube, focuses on one thing at the central. MANAGING THE CHANNEL. It depends upon, how good you can play around themes, color backgrounds and how user friendly you can make your channel. Youtube gives us some great options to leverage upon one’s core competencies, current rage and the USPs. A common practice followed these days by almost  every channel is, a Youtube channel is not meant only for viewing videos. It’s more than that. All social media platforms are linked to Youtube channel. A subscriber can participate to any of the social networking site where the brand is having its presence. There are Tweet boxes, Facebook comments dialogue boxes, Youtube video comment boxes, Slideshare buttons, Pin it buttons etc.

Let me give you an example of Star plus. Here’s the link for the Star Plus Yputube channel.  and here’s a screen shot from the channel.

Satyamev Jayte Youtube Channel

As I mentioned earlier, one of the key factor in defining branding strategy on Youtube channel is identifying the current rage and here’s an example which is not new to us. If you visit Starplus Youtube channel and compare the viewership of the videos, 15% of the total viewership comes from a show which is just 6 weeks old. And the background image and other social media buttons routes the subscriber to all social media account of SMJ only even though their other programs tops the TRP ratings. But since SMJ has now even reached to parliament, they cannot ignore from cashing in from it.

This one’s the first basic example of branding on Youtube. I’d come back with more interesting brand channels both positive and negative soon which will include Bestbuy, Cisco and some movie distribution companies.

Thanks and Regards,

Milan Vaidya

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